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Danny’s Adoption Timeline


9-8-09  Jumping in with both feet…decision to adopt!

9-11-09 Submit pre-application with AGCI and request information packet

9-15-09 Adoption consultation at Adoption & Beyond (received home study packet)

9-15-09  Jenn’s doctor apt and letters of recommendation

9-16-09 Paul’s doctor apt. and letters of recommendation

9-18-09 Pick up TB test results

9-21-09 Kids doctor apt. and TB tests

9-22-09 KBI fingerprinting

9-29-09 Mailed in completed AGCI application

9-30-09 Turned in completed home study packet

10-2-09 Accepted into AGCI’s Ethiopian program!

10-7-09 Phone orientation call with AGCI

10-10-09 AGCI forms notarized

10-15-09 Loan secured

10-15-09 Home study HOME VISIT and interviews with social worker

10-17-09 AGCI orientation packet mailed

10-21-09 Received first copy of completed HOME STUDY!

10-24-09  Adoption & Beyond International Adoption Workshop (final piece of our home study)

10-26-09  Received dossier requirements and EYES WIDE OPEN workbook in the mail (have at least 1/2 of the paperwork completed already!)

10-27-09  Dossier review phone call with AGCI

11-1-09  Home study sent back for revisions

11-9-09  Eyes Wide Open notebook sent to AGCI

11-11-09  Sent AGCI certificates for Adoption Learner Partner online courses

11-11-09  Received final copies of Home Study


11-16-09  Heard from Christy…forgot to mail in passport photos with dossier

11-17-09  Dossier COMPLETE…ON THE WAIT LIST…30 BOY and 46 GIRL

12-3-09  29 BOY and 42 GIRL

12-22-09  I-600 Fingerprinting

12-29-09  USCIS Favorable Determination (Immigration Approval)

1-8-10  26 BOY (unofficially 24) and 35 GIRL

2-5-10  21 BOY and 31 GIRL

2-22-10 19 BOY (unofficial) and 30 GIRL (unofficial)

3-8-10  18 BOY and 27 GIRL

4-8-10  13 BOY and 21 GIRL

4-16-10 10 BOY (unofficial) and 16 GIRL (unofficial)

4-23-10  8 BOY (unofficial) and 14 GIRL (unofficial)

5-13-10  7 BOY and 13 GIRL

5-15-10  3 BOY (unofficial) and 11 GIRL (unofficial)

6-16-10  4 BOY and 11 GIRL

7-7-10  2 BOY and 8 GIRL

7-10-10  1 BOY (unofficially) and 5 GIRL (unofficially)

7-21-10 REFERRAL for our 2 month old son – DANIEL!!!!!!!

8-24-10 Received court dates:  Preliminary hearing 10/22 and our court date 11/23

11-23-10  Passed court!

12-23-10 Supposed to leave for Ethiopia for our Embassy date…but it was canceled.  Daniel’s case is under investigation.

1-10-11  Embassy appointment – Daniel is a US Citizen!

1-15-11  Home a a family of SIX!  WELCOME HOME DANIEL!

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