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I’ve been blogging for a few years now and haven’t found a better way to record the crazy antics of our family.  I truly enjoy this space and hope you will enjoy following along with our family as well.

I’m a kids clothing designer, turned photographer, turned adoption advocate, turned just-plain-stay-at-home mom all in the course of the past five years.   I have a passion for crafting, decorating, and painting things white.  We bought a new-to-us house last year and have been working to make it our own.  With five busy kids, there is rarely a dull moment in our house.  This space is full of stories, laughter, sillies, and occasionally a few tears.

We’ve fallen in love with Ethiopia and have brought home 2 children in 2 years from this amazing country.  Our youngest son was diagnosed last year with Cerebral Palsy and God has been amazing us ever since with His lavish grace.  We are just getting to know our newest daughter who just joined our family a couple of months ago!

I rarely make my way into photos on the blog but take hundreds of my little people.  Let me introduce you to the crew:

The Brainiac – age 10.  Her head is exploding with creative ideas.  She always has a plan in place and runs this ship with ease.  She’s social and sensitive and amazingly artistic.  You might find her drawing a “How to Draw Walruses” book or teaching her new sister how to read.   She’s a horse girl through and through and is happiest at the barn, eating blueberries, or elbow deep in paints.


Miss Middle – age 8.  She wins the award for “best snuggler” and has a never ending bucket.  She’s dramatic but sweeter than sweet.  This one loves to be silly and is often lost in the world of make believe.  She’s smart…but doesn’t want you to know.  Talented…but modest.  She is everyone’s friend.  She loves cheerleading, cartwheeling through the kitchen, and is the carnivore of the house.


Sunshine – age 7.  Opinionated and sassy.  Hilarious and outgoing.  We are still cracking this little nut but she’s proving to be a whole lot more fun then they originally let on.  She loves to make people laugh and definitely knows how to have a good time.  She loves to please you and is such a good little helper.  She loves sugar, crafting, and anything pink and sparkly!


Super Sam – age 5.   Always lost in a dream.  This one is a sharp little cookie but usually lost in a land of pirates or super heroes.  He wears a cape most days and believes he can truly fly.  He loves to sing, dance, and is destined for the stage.  He’s a sensitive soul.  A 40 year old man trapped in the body of a teeny tiny little boy.  He promotes the Miracle Goldfish cracker diet and has lived well on it for the past two years.


Danny Boy – age 3.  This little guy is Jeckle and Hyde.   He’s fliratious and sweet one moment…and a force to be reckoned with the next.  He is persistent and strong and doesn’t give up easily.  He has taught us more about God’s redeeming work in the past 2 years than we knew was possible.  A miracle boy for sure.  He’s got a lady killer dimple above his right cheek and he uses it on unsuspecting women at the grocery store.  One look for this little man and you’ll be smitten for life.


Mr. P – more over the hill than me.   The glue that holds this family together.  He’s the VP of Internet by day and Super Dad by night.   He isn’t afraid to don his apron and bake us up some gourmet cookies…but you’ll just as likely find him out in the garage knee deep in DIY.  He’s funny, a dreamer, an airplane enthusiast, and I’m pretty darn lucky to have him.

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