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Sunshine turns 8.

Today was another big day at the Cooper house.  Sunshine turned 8!  She has been talking non-stop about her upcoming birthday and counting down the days until it arrived.  I have long since given up on the elaborate, perfectly planned festivities and embraced last minute Target character plates.  Whatever floats her boat.  Pink and purple Minnie Mouse won her over.  She requested chocolate cake, grilled hot dogs, and corn on the cob.  Actually…she preferred a party with the entire school…pony rides…expensive gifts…and the rainbow cake I tried to make last year that completely flopped.  But she was content with our little homegrown party just the same and Mimi and Baboo came over as well to help liven things up!


Eight is a bit arbitrary as her age is our best conservative guesstimate.   But I still just can’t believe how many birthdays have passed and how quickly she is approaching big girl status.  Today she asked me how she could be 8 when she’s only had 2 birthdays and a sob caught in my throat.  At least 6 special days where she should have been celebrated and cherished went by completely unacknowledged.  And that’s a tragedy I can’t fix.  But I can celebrate her TODAY…give her a thousand birthday hugs and tuck her into bed with a promise to always be there for every birthday from here on out.



The girls were especially excited to help us celebrate…picking up a “lifetime supply of mints and gum” and a little thrift store bunny secretly with their own money.  Danny spent the day reminding Sunshine “It’s your birfday!!  Sunshine was thrilled with her dolls, Legos, and princess pajamas and went to bed smiling!




Sunshine…I hope today was a special day for you!  I hope it was full of smiles and laughter and that you felt our love to the very depths of your heart.  You are the life of the party and it is so FUN to celebrate you!  You’re the sprinkles on the cake…the cherry on the sundae…the rainbow after a storm.  You completed our family and filled in the missing pieces with your wide smile and silly jokes.  Thank you for trusting your heart to us.  We promise to always celebrate you!!!


July 7, 2014 - 11:20 pm

Angel - The two birthdays comment caught in my throat too. Happy birthday precious girl!

July 7, 2014 - 11:29 pm

Jessica/littlepumpkingrace - Happy Birthday, sweet Helina! Your smile lights up a room!

The 2 birthday comment made me tear up. I’m thinking 1/2 year celebrations are in order…you know, to catch up *wink*.

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