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beach bums.

I seem to have taken a very long vacation from blogging.  Which I remember saying just last month (or was it the month before?)  I am now responsible for the well being of these five small people every waking (and non-waking) moment of the day.   The constant activity, snacking, and incessant talking have left little time for me to come here and collect my thoughts.  Basically.  I have no thoughts from sheer exhaustion 😉

So we went on vacation to the Outer Banks of NC once again this year.  Last year was…difficult.  Danny was at the perfect age for the perfect traveling/beach going storm and none of the grown ups weathered the storm without a few battle scars.  But this year he redeemed himself and was overjoyed with the beach…yelling into the waves “I’m in the water…I’m SO HEALTHY!!!”  And “The beach is FUN…cause I LIKE IT!!!”

We had a bit some a fair amount an obscene amount of trouble getting to our destination.  Boo on United for the many canceled flights.   We got stranded in Newark, NJ at 10pm without our luggage.  We rented an SUV and drove until 4am to a tiny town in Maryland…parked at Walmart to catch a nap…and Danny woke up screaming.  So we drove across the street to a hotel where we paid $160 for 4 hours of sleep.  Scratch that.  We paid $160 for everyone else to sleep while I tried to keep Destroyer Dan quiet and occupied in a hotel room with no toys and 5 snoring, exhausted people.

But we made it (eventually).  And the sand and sun were glorious!  And since we all enjoyed the water…we were all SO HEALTHY!!


We saved our annual beach photos for the end of the trip which backfired when a sudden thunder storm cropped up.  Each year I get more and more relaxed about this little photo session.  As the clouds rolled in, I lined them up, screamed “SMILE LIKE YOU LOVE ME!!!” and snapped as quickly as I could while fat raindrops fell and the sky started lighting up with fire.




I even got a photo with Mr. P which is a rare treat.


Here’s the line up of my bathing beauties!

The Brainiac – Age 11


Miss Middle – age 9


Sunshine – age 7


Super Sam – age 6


Danny Boy – age 4


My little tribe.  As the sun was setting over the water and I hung back (and couldn’t hear the complaining)…I was beyond thankful that God has given me these people to love.


Here are a few more of my favorite shots from throughout the week.  The beach represents a special place for our family.  A time carved out from our every day to just be together.  To go slow.  To savor.













I didn’t drive myself crazy with my camera this year….which meant fewer pictures and more relaxation.  I’ll share some of my phonography shots soon….but if you follow along on Instagram you’ve probably seen our vacation unfold already!

I hope to get back to this space more often to share about my little men growing up (two birthdays!) and some other fun projects happening around our house!

July 1, 2014 - 8:31 pm

Jessica/littlepumpkingrace - Such sweet pics! Great pic of you and Paul!! But oh my, that last pic! Sam looks so grown up!!!!! Where has the time gone??!

July 4, 2014 - 12:28 pm

tanya - miss your blog , but wow can’t imagine how busy! what a beautiful family you are truly blessed with. my heart grows every time i see them.. is that weird from a total stranger? i mean it in the most sincere way- you are inspirational. and by the way where the orange dress from? LOVE IT!! you look fabulous! xoxo’s tanya

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