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on one year home.

I’m a couple of months late posting about Sunshine being home for a full year.  At first it was just a few weeks…but then as the weeks stretched on I felt inadequate at summing up all that this year has held for our family.  I don’t really know where to begin…except that this girl is a Cooper through and through.  She’s a fighter.  She’s a party thrower.  She’s a sassy pants, stretch my parenting, keep me on my knees kind of gal.  And I’ve got to say…she fits in just fine.



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It seems like ONE YEAR should hold some type of monumental occasion.   But instead…we went to Noodles as a family for dinner, told a few stories, and tucked our kids in bed the same that we do every night.  This girl likes to look forward and talk of the past makes for a jittery, slippery slope.  So we kept it light and happy and made sure she knew she is LOVED and WANTED.

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Some days I still watch her walk by and marvel at the events that have had to happen on different continents and in different hearts to make this girl mine.  There is so much pain and joy wrapped into her lanky frame that I sometimes wonder how it is that she doesn’t just explode from the pressure.  But God has given her so much grace and a confidence that can only come from Him.  It has been a joy to watch her grow and learn and come into her own.


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I’m not much of a planner.  I’ve never had a five year or ten year plan.  I’m feeling pretty good to just get through the day!  But I don’t think I ever could have envisioned this life God has given me and the children He used to make me a mother.  It has stretched me and shaped me…and although I’m often sore from the tugging and pulling…I’m filled to the brim with a joy that only comes from Him.



I hope you will always know that you are loved by many.  You are loved by a Heavenly Father who loved you before the beginning of time.  We love you too and promise to celebrate life with you, hold your hand when you need help, and hold you up when you fall.  We love you exactly as you are…a beautiful, vibrant girl with long brown legs and a wide smile. We love how you laugh with your whole body and can’t sit still.  We love your silly songs and dances…your compassionate heart…and yes…even your sass.  We have big, giant dreams for you and pray that some day you will truly know and rest in the love that surrounds you!

Happy One Year home…XOXO.

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May 14, 2014 - 1:05 pm

Kathryn - Beautiful! Happy One Year!

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