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Easter update.

We are still reeling here from the aftermath of Danny’s diagnosis.  But life seems to have a way of moving on with or without your permission.  We are knee deep in research and big decisions regarding his therapies and schooling which means I’m up til the wee hours of the morning and completely slacking in most other areas.

Tired or not…we had a house full of little people who were anxious to celebrate Easter!

We started by making a quick visit to the Pink Party House (which is no longer pink…but the name lives on).  My kids talked about this trip for days as seeing their cousins ranks as far up the pole as meeting the President.  When we woke up Saturday morning, Danny was burning up with fever.  We debated what to do and eventually just tossed him in the car with the other kids.  As the day wore on the fever climbed higher (despite alternating medications) and we decided to take him into the urgent care.  They couldn’t find anything significantly wrong with him and sent us home (the story of our lives).

Meanwhile….the kids hunted eggs and spent a beautiful day just playing hard.  I’m so thankful for these bigger cousins in their lives who take the time to stop and play with them!

{Expert egg hunter this year.  A few weeks before Easter she asked if we were heading to The Writer’s house because “That’s what we ALWAYS do for Easter!”}


{The Beast found an egg and wouldn’t give it up!}


{So fast and so hard to get a shot of her that wasn’t a giant blur!}


{My little shadow.  I might be biased but he has the best smile ever. Period.  End of story (okay…your kid is cute too.)}


{All smiles.  All day…as long as there is a party going on.}


{Big sister and Little sister…not gonna be long before little sister is bigger than the biggest!}


{The annual “Bucket Head” photo} and also…{There is always at least one “picker” in the bunch}


At the end of the day we threw 5 very dirty, grouchy, tired kids in the van and drove home.  Sunday morning Danny was still under the weather so Mr. P opted to stay home with him from church and I took the other kids.  Then we hosted a little lunch at our house with Mimi and Baboo…as well as another impromptu egg hunt in the back yard (with empty eggs…cause that is how we roll!)








It was a beautiful weekend (minus the sickness) celebrating family…and most importantly…our Risen Savior!


Hope you had a beautiful Easter too!

April 24, 2014 - 12:10 am

Ta Phillips - God Bless the Cooper Clan! Your photos and comments had us laughing out loud. Great pics!

April 24, 2014 - 9:02 am

Angela Underwood - Gorgeous Family! Many Blessings to you and your crew! 🙂

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