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goodbye ugly.

I didn’t mean to take weeks off from blogging.  But we have hit the three week mark with the HSP and it has been brutal.  Thank you to the friends and family that have called, texted, brought meals, sent cards, etc.  Each gesture was appreciated!!  We are not seeing consistent healing yet but are hopeful that is will come in the next few weeks!

The other thing that has been keeping us very busy is the demolishing of our master bathroom.  Hurray!  Hurrah!

I have waited 2 1/2 years to rip out every ugly feature of that room.  It was hideous the day we moved in but wasn’t a priority as we are typically the only people who see it.  But I had had enough with the nasty carpet (oh yes they did!) and disco gold finishes.  The singed forest fire wallpaper was making me cross eyed, we had no hot water in the sink, the toilet wouldn’t flush, and the shower was cracked.  It was time.  Ok…it was past time!

But first…let’s go on a tour of the ugly, shall we?

This was the view as you entered the room from a set of dingy oak french doors.   Should we start with the stained and filthy carpet?  Or maybe the giant, behemoth bathtub?  I feel the need to mention here that taking a bath in a tub with jets that the previous owners did “who knows what” in for 25 years is enough to send my germaphobe self right over to the dark side.  Or maybe you are digging the awesome gold and acrylic tub faucet?  The gold wrapped shower?  The gold flowery lights? Maybe the sinks with no finish or the rusted out faucets?


It wasn’t ALL bad.  There were a few salvageable items.  We kept the nice, large solid oak vanity.  With a fresh coat of paint it will be easy to update (and matches the rest of the cabinetry in our house).  We are keeping the mirror as well.  And a little bit of the drywall.  The rest…GOODBYE!


The room has always been really dark even with a nice, LARGE window.  And I stopped cleaning it about 4 months ago because I couldn’t even tell the difference.  Eww.


I should probably mention here that the above photos were taken AFTER the removal of THE BEST feature of the room!  The wallpaper!  I looked at that forest fire for over 2 years.  And then one day Super Sam woke up puking and I had had enough.  While he puked…we pulled paper.  And by the end of the weekend we had at least one ugly feature removed from the room!

13-IMG_1319.JPG (3)

14-IMG_1321.JPG (3)

Every piece in the bathroom had an almond finish…which over time just looks dingy.  So they had to go.  They had a nice, long life…but it was the end of the road!





Some of the extra pretty details…


Peeling laminate (the original bathroom had country blue walls and mauve counter tops before the forest fire renovation!)



Pinkish orange tiles


I’m gonna lose my dinner…


So after several years of planning and waiting…we finally had the money to just LET IT GO!  Woohoo!  (switching over to phonography from this point forward)

15-IMG_1860.JPG (3)

We got busy busting stuff up.  First we ripped out the bathtub throne.  That bad boy was a BEAST!  You’ve got to love it when you live next door to the trash company owners and they haul it away from the curb for you for $5.00!    Next out…the shower and the carpet!

16-IMG_1917.JPG (3)

Once we got all of the flooring out of the way we could make some decisions about new tile and fixtures!  (there’s a sneak peek at our new bathtub!)


I got busy collecting samples and trying to decide what direction to take the room.  I really wanted something clean and classic but a little fun.

17-IMG_1958.JPG (3)

We decided to hire out the tile work after a great recommendation from a friend.  That saved us several weeks worth of work!

19-IMG_2094.JPG (3)

20-IMG_2105.JPG (3)

21-IMG_2182.JPG (3)

At this point we have all of the tile work complete (the floors need a very good scrubbing here).

22-IMG_2216.JPG (2)

This weekend we installed all of the bead board, ripped out the sinks and counter tops, painted the window, and installed the shower fixtures.  Next week we will install the new counter top and then get busy painting, painting, painting (white bead board, greyish/blue walls, white vanity, white trim).

I’m hoping we will be able to wrap up the project in the next few weeks!  I can’t wait to take a shower in my new clean space!

If you play over on Instagram…follow along…I’ve been using #goodbyeugly to document our progress!

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