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on 10 months home.

{We are actually sitting at 11 months home but I feel the need to backtrack!}

The better part of one year.   I remember the time before she came home when I would imagine what life would feel like at 1 month home, 6 months home and so on.  The picture seemed more clear in my head.  She would be home, happy, and we would have “moved on with life”.  Things aren’t as clear cut in reality (as is often the case).  Some days we are exceeding expectations.  Some days we are getting by.

There is no easy way to side step the grafting of a child to your heart.  It takes effort (from everyone) and a daily dose of grace.  But it sure helps too when you get so many great smiles!


Sunshine is gaining confidence quickly.  At school she did a research project on “gorirras” (translation: gorillas) and had to present it to groups of parents.  She didn’t even bat an eye.  Her only real disappointment was that she accidentally gave the gorilla in her illustration a “duck nose” which she was very distraught about.



Sunshine is sitting for me to do her hair.  This is a BIG deal on several levels and I’m thankful that she is beginning to trust me enough to sit while I do my thing.  Her scalp has FINALLY healed from a very bad infection and she is begging for her long braids back.  Secretly, I think I might miss her short, spunky style!

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Sunshine’s bond is growing with her siblings.  She really wants to please them and will pretty much play whatever they request (usually Legos or American Girls).  But sometimes she is brave enough to voice her own opinion and will even play on her own.  This is a big step for her.  I have caught her in her room twice this month playing alone!!  Not bad for a little girl who wouldn’t leave the room I was in for 4 months!


Sunshine has embraced ALL American food.  This girl knows how to eat.  She’s a lip smacker and a sugar lover.  She loves her snacks!


Last month marked an exciting day for our family as we went before a judge for our re-adoption hearing.  Both Sunshine and Danny Boy received their US birth certificates and had their names legally changed back to their Ethiopian names!  We were also able to legally change Sunshine’s age to better reflect her maturity!

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Sunshine loves holidays.  If there is a party…she is there.  Balloons…check.  Candy…check.  Presents…check.  It has been fun to watch her experience all of the crazy American holidays and embrace each one fully.   We aren’t big St. Patrick’s Day people but I think I might have to deck her out in green just so she won’t go into party withdrawal next month!

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Ten months baby!  She’s been here longer than the transition home and we are beginning to see real, lasting signs of attachment and family.  Thankful that she is so willing to love!

February 22, 2014 - 3:14 pm

Kristin W - What a great update. Congrats on your readoption. Although it is a formality, I know how good it feels to have one more thing finalized.

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