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little big girls.

First off…thank you for the many sweet comments about this space.  I am a very lucky girl to have friends and family who care so much about our family.  I was really blown away that so many of you stopped to leave a comment and tell me why you read or how long you’ve been coming to this space.  And now I know it’s not just my Dad (Hi again Dad!) who reads these words.  So THANK YOU!

I have always thought of myself as a mom to little girls.  I had girls first…two of them.  And I was always “the mom with two little girls”.  Then Super Sam came along and he was such a novelty.  I really embraced the whole little girl thing from the moment I found out The Brainiac would enter the world.  I decorated her nursery rhyme bedroom and filled her closet full of pink.  We did the big hair bows and twirly skirts and My Little Ponies.  We have every Barbie movie created, baskets of crazy tights, and more hair do-dads than I care to admit.  I sewed up their clothes or decked them out in Matilda Jane.  They had pink bedrooms and mary janes.  I was the mom with little girls.

I was so very excited to add another little girl to our mix.  And she came to me LITTLE.  She was just a wisp of a thing.  I could grab her up on my hip in an instant when she was scared (which was a lot) and spent the first month carrying her nearly everywhere.  But she didn’t stay little long and I have found that there is a level of grief that comes when you adopt a child this age.  I missed her babyhood.  I missed her toddlerhood.  And although we are experiencing her love of all things girly….those days are slipping by with an alarming rate.  I’m the mom to big girls.  Big girls are pretty rad too.  It’s just different…and it is taking this Mama a bit to adjust.


When Sunshine came home we threw together a shared space for two little girls.  It was soft and sweet and very girly.  This year they have outgrown the space.  They needed STORAGE in a bad way because…let me tell you…girls have STUFF.  I pinned and dreamed and ultimately decided to keep things in their space on the down low.  I didn’t want to break the bank on this living arrangement as our space is flexible and it won’t be too long before I’m guessing a few girls will want bedrooms on another level.

So we opted for a MINI MAKEOVER.  One that did not require a complete paint job or new furniture.



I let the girls choose new comforters from Target.  I gave them two choices (both matched their current wall color and were on clearance for under $30).  We added some little dotted sheets and their favorite collection of pillows (gifts from friends and the infamous owl pillows made by The Librarian).  I added homemade memo boards above their beds to corral their special bits and pieces.   And a $9 clip light from Walmart looks almost built in with the chord running behind the memo board.    Add in the tissue poms and they each have a little spot to get away, get cozy,  and read a good book.



I knew we needed some added storage.  I have had the bookshelves since I was a little girl myself….made by Baboo for my childhood bedroom.  I have been wanting to paint them white for years (shocking I know) and there never seemed to be time to get it done.  It was as time consuming as I assumed it would be….but the end result was perfect!!   He is so ahead of his time.  Those fabric cubes fit PERFECTLY in those bookshelves 30 years after they were made!  I added four bins so the girls have a place to stash some of their junk  treasures.  And then we loaded up the bookcases with a few special books and memorabilia.


I edited their collection of wall frames to just include the basics (and to tie in the orange in the comforter).


Their dresser is on the opposite wall and holds all their essentials like pajamas, tights and leggings.  I was able to move a smaller dresser into their walk in closet to contain even more of the clutter.   Also…this is the very important home of their fish!  This side of the room is very simple and uncluttered.  I may hang a few prints on the sides of the mirror…but for now I am enjoying the more minimalist look.  We also added some basic white curtain panels (from Walmart) to the windows with some hot pink pom pom trim that I sewed to the edges!



The girls were thrilled with their room spruce up.  I miss the vintage sheet quilts.  And I miss the little girls who are growing up so fast right before my eyes.  But I also love the big girls they are becoming.  Girls who are funny and confident and who giggle at night about silly jokes.  Girls who love hot pink and zebra print and peace signs.  Girls who collect little scraps of paper and doodle on everything with sharpie pens.  My little big girls.


{Most of the new items for this room came from Target:  comforter and sham set, sheets, fabric bins, and floor baskets.  Many of the other items were originally from Target including the turquoise rug and butterfly lamps}

February 4, 2014 - 3:27 pm

Lisa Malizzi - We see your blog all the time. It was bookmarked at the top of the screen–so the boys clicked on it all the time trying to get on 🙂 We love to see your decorating ideas–your house is beautiful. Your children are growing so fast. Kayla misses your family. May the Lord continue to bless your family.

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