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i’m a cheer mom.

I don’t know what type of person crops up in your mind when you say “cheer mom”…but I was always pretty certain I wasn’t one of them.  Soccer mom, maybe.  Science Fair mom, sure.  Music mom, definitely.

I shouldn’t really be surprised that Miss Middle fell hard for cheer leading this summer.  I cheered in high school and even strutted my stuff in the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade.  And good grief…her father was on the National Cheerleading Association staff (ooops…did I just announce that on the web?)  But back in the day….there was no such thing as All Star Cheer leading.  Cheerleaders were teenagers with acne and social problems.  It was a whole lot more social than it was athletic…and I’m thinking nowadays I would have been a pretty crummy team member.   But the sport of cheer leading has definitely grown (at least here in Nebraska) and I’ve got one that has been sucked into the cheer leading hole.

This weekend was our very first cheer leading competition.  I don’t know what I was expecting.  Whatever it was.  It wasn’t that.


She slept in curlformers (the roller of choice for cheerleaders nationwide…who knew?) and then woke at 5am to get her make-up on.  We were on the Interstate by 6am and headed to Iowa where we met up with 20 other giggling, nervous, ridiculously adorable little girls.  There was glitter and spandex.  There was a lot of loud music…booty shakin…and BIG BOWS.

But there was also US.


We talked in the car.  She confided in me about her fears and nervousness.  She held my hand in the long convention center hallways and raced into my arms after their performance.  She posed with ready smiles for my camera and thanked me at least 15 times for our special day.

For that…I can be a cheer mom.  I can put on that studded t-shirt and my blingin jeans.  I can add another layer of eyeshadow to her sweet face and hoot and holler in the stands with my “spirit fingers”.  My girl loves to cheer…and I love her.



It turns out her team knows how too.  They were the National Champs for their division….not a bad way to start out your career!



Team Thunder you rolled in and smashed the competition.  Cheer LOUD, Be PROUD!  RAH RAH RAH!  (Do I sound legit?)

February 22, 2014 - 7:23 pm

Tasha - Welcome to the world of All-Star cheer leading. It will get crazier once she starts going to cheersport, NCA and worlds. Pretty please stay away from the Fierceboard.

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