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snow much fun.

Sorry but I couldn’t resist.


We had our first big snow this weekend and the kids couldn’t get outside fast enough.


I think it is safe to say that she’s a fan.


I know you can all agree with me on the effort it takes to get kids out in the snow.  It’s exhausting.  I find it downright irritating.  I think their complaints could be scripted “It’s SOOO hot in here”.  “I can’t find my other mitten”.  “She stole my favorite scarf”.  “I have to go to the bathroom again”.  “I can’t move my arms”.  I’m sure you are expecting me to say that once they are all bundled and we are outside frolicking in the snow…it is all worth it.  But for me it’s just cold.

But I put on my big girl boots and traipsed around with them for a bit because a girl has to document all the first and this was a first for Sunshine.  A mom has got to do what a mom has got to do.


This is our daunting sledding hill in our backyard.  Is it sad that my kids actually consider this to be legitimate sledding?  Should I also point out that we are indeed the biggest hillbillies this side of the cornfields.  Why yes.  My kids ARE “sledding” on a boogie board.  Don’t yours?


When we got our dog we named her Latte because she was tan and I like Chai.  But I think we need to re-name her to marshmallow or snow bunny or blizzard.  She is almost undetectable in the yard after a big snowfall.




See what I mean.  That hill is dan.ger.ous.


Pure bliss that is the snow angel.





She kept telling me that the snow was “SO DELICIOUS!” and I didn’t have the heart to tell her it was just some dirty water.





Hope you are staying warmer than we are (negative 2 this morning!) and that your kids aren’t begging you to take them outside!

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