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Christmas recap.

A few more photos from our Christmas celebrations!

The kids on our way out the door for our Christmas Eve service…even Latte got into the photo!

10-IMG_1175.JPG (3)

These two….had outfits laid out for them and they snuck off for a bit…and changed into last year’s Christmas dresses so they could match!

09-IMG_1174.JPG (3)

My sweet tween that is growing up WAY TOO FAST!

08-IMG_1173.JPG (3)

Christmas jammies and ready to get to bed and dream of sugar plums.

07-IMG_1172.JPG (3)

Reading the story of Christ’s birth.

12-IMG_1223.JPG (3)

Pretty lights!

11-IMG_1183.JPG (2)

Stockings stuffed!


Lots of little hands ready to help do some baking.

05-IMG_1129.JPG (3)

I made a conscious effort to take a photo with each of the littles while we made our gingerbread houses.  This is one of the kids’ favorite traditions every year!

04-IMG_1119.JPG (3)

03-IMG_1122.JPG (3)

1-IMG_1113.JPG (2)

02-IMG_1121.JPG (3)

01-IMG_1120.JPG (3)

Girly girls!

16-IMG_1251.JPG (3)

The aftermath!!  YIKES!

13-IMG_1224.JPG (3)

Does anyone else think they are looking more and more alike?

15-IMG_1240.JPG (3)

Lots of family time playing games and watching movies!  You haven’t played Headbanz until you’ve played with an English language learner!!

17-IMG_1249.JPG (3)

Me and My Gaga.

14-IMG_1227.JPG (3)

Cousin time!

18-IMG_1287.JPG (3)

19-IMG_1288.JPG (3)

We hosted my entire family (minus a few who couldn’t make it)…so fun to have everyone under one roof for at least one day!!

20-IMG_1286.JPG (2)

Just hanging with her Mimi!

21-IMG_1289.JPG (3)

It is safe to say it was an amazing holiday!   The trees are down and we’ve already started a bit of organizing and sorting and purging…looking forward to the New Year!

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